Feb. 3rd, 2014

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Those of you in Ponyville at dawn are in for a treat: a meteor shower streaks through the skies just before the sun rises. It seems that Luna's not behind this one; it's naturally occurring. A few seconds later, the teal blossoms on those trees in the orchard disappear, replaced by trees full of small, hard, gray apples instead.


It's Zapapple season! Building on that, we will have an event up in just a few days that will involve both action-oriented and noncombatant characters, so keep an eye out for that.
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So... as I just posted over in the hiatus thread, dad's going in to have skin cancer removed from his left arm this week. It's pretty bad, but localized - he had a nodule the size of a golf ball until it ruptured a few days ago. We're sincerely hoping it'll be an outpatient thing, but we're not taking chances we don't have to - housecleaning, laundry, we're trying to get it all done up before he goes in. I'll try to keep you guys posted on how things go; those who have me friended on Plurk will probably see updates sooner than others.

Now, for RP related news. After I come off hiatus and finish the thread with Jeeves and Emizel, I'll probably be canon updating Soma to near the end of Dawn of Sorrow, partly to make him more stable and partly because I've been playing Dawn more than Aria lately. Most of his abilities will remain the same, though some may acquire different names (and some may change entirely; that's the problem with different move sets between two games like this), and he'll be more stable overall without chaos actively trying to nom his soul. And after that, I may be apping a second character; it depends on whether I can remember all the storyline cutscenes I watched day before yesterday.

We got the results of the biopsy yesterday afternoon. It's a fast-growing but thankfully shallow type of skin cancer (not Melanoma, thank God), and he's to go in on the 17th to have it fully removed. In the meantime, he's been allowed to return to work and we've all had a huge load lifted off our minds.

RPwise, I still need a day or two to collect my thoughts, but I should be rocking this joint by this weekend, I hope. Thanks for the well-wishes and prayers, guys.

UPDATE (Final)
They've removed the cancer completely, according to the doctor. Stitches to be removed in a couple weeks. He has a big dip in his arm about two inches long and an inch and change wide, and probably will have it for some time to come, but the danger is past for now, barring infection. I am now officially rescinding my hiatus.


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