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Setsuna Meioh | Sailor Pluto ([personal profile] timeywimeyorb) wrote in [community profile] revenance_ooc2014-07-16 09:44 pm
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Hello all you lovely people!

I have two big events happening back to back and I'd always rather play it safe than sorry since I'm not sure how active I can be in the next few weeks. For starters, I will be in California from July 18 - July 29 to visit friends and also go to SDCC! If anyone else is going to be there ping me and we can try to hook up or something.

And then as soon as I get back I have to turn around and start preparing for school (bleh). Now usually I end up poking around RP despite school, but I can never tell how busy I will be the first few weeks as I set up my classroom, prepare lessons, and get back in the school time swing.

Which is why this hiatus will potentially be lasting until August 9 ^^;

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. I will do any backtagging if people are interested. I will try to tag while I'm gone, but I can't make promises since the next few weeks promise to be VERY busy.

Hope you understand!

-Erica (Setsuna & Clint mun)

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