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Mod Announcement: Please Read

This has, unfortunately, been a while in coming. It’s been pretty obvious for a while now - the game has stalled. (This is Kia in particular stepping up to take responsibility for that - it got away from me and I failed to go after it. I owe you all a pretty big apology.)

To that end, we have three options:

1. New mod team. The current mods hand over the game - all the plot notes, the plans, the passwords, everything - to a new mod team. We’d still be here, but we wouldn’t be running the show anymore. This option is predicated on you guys wanting to take over the game/be the new mods.

2. Abbreviated gameplay and endgame. We’d pretty much scrap further plans for the game, retool endgame to fit the point where we’re at now, and run endgame. It would allow a story resolution for the game and players.

3. End the game as is. This one’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s up to you guys at the moment: how would you like to see this go? The mods will do our best to work with whatever you choose.

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