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Welcome to the inaugural entry of The Moogle Report, aka the OOC Revenance Recap!

I am Farli, player of Agent Carolina ([personal profile] guerriera) and Lin Beifong ([personal profile] lessabrasive), and I will be your host for this post.

The Moogle Report is intended to help players old and new catch up with general game details and continuing plot shenanigans. These are things that might have been missed due to recently joining the game, coming back from hiatus, or having simply forgotten over time due to the game's slow pacing. (It happens. Don't worry, we've all been there!)

Assuming this works as intended --and folks find this a handy thing to have!-- the recap will be posted once a month, approximately one week after the official Week Change post.

This week, I'll be covering a few details about the Plot of Revenance, glossing over details on our existing worlds and what's going on in Equestria, and maybe some details on week changes iffin maybe we have time.

How Did You Get Here? )

Game Time )

The Dream Worlds )


And that's it for this first OOC recap! Next time, we'll have a primer on those loveable dream eater critters and (hopefully) an update on any new plot developments that have coincided with the latest week change.

[Got a suggestion for something you'd like to see included here on a regular basis? Can you think of ways to make this better, need something clarified, or just have questions for your fellow players? Comment here! All feedback is welcome and wanted!]


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