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Incoming: one Mountie

Hello, everyone! Kira, the Okita Souji player here, with a new character. Since the fourth wall is ending, I figured I'd let you know that Benton Fraser here will be sticking around in game, fresh from after the "Mountie on the Bounty" two-parter. He's a stubborn Lawful Good type with a penchant for long meandering stories, licking evidence, and random acts of heroing. He's also going to be a bit homesick for his wolf, his partner, and the far frozen North. He's been missing the last of those for a few years now, though, so he has practice.

Don't worry if you find him standing in your closet. He's just trying to track down his father's ghost.

I swear, this all makes sense in context. (And you should totally watch Due South. It's great.)