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+1..... i dont even know how to explain him

Hello, Revenance! My name is Dani, and I'm 100% new to this game! I'll be bringing in Lavernius Tucker from the web series Red vs. Blue. Tucker's generally a slacker with a sense of humor based in innuendos and a natural inclination to take nothing seriously, but with his canonpoint, that'll be at least a little less prominent.

He's gonna be really confused and angry in general, as a matter of fact, I'm sorry. :'| I've got all his IC info in his journal, which may contain spoilers for anyone not up to season 11? And I'm really looking forward to seeing how things work out here!
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Oh, this should be fun. :D

Hi Dani! I'm Kia, I'm one of the mods, and I play this jerk here and Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Feel free to poke me on AIM at LeSeptieme and on Plurk at Kiaxet.

Welcome to the madhouse~
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There is going to be so much yelling. It's going to be great.
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I'm Megan and I play Agent North Dakota and Theta, as well as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. I look forward to playing with you, since things should be getting very interesting.

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I'm going to sit over here and laugh. For the reason we like to call "Gunship".

Hi, I'm Shannon.

I play this ninja here (Ziva David | NCIS) and Donna Noble from Doctor Who. Glad to see we get another game 'mom' here! :D
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Wash is not going to do a thing when Tucker inevitably hits on Ziva and inevitably faces the consequences.

He will, however, ask Ziva not to completely murder Tucker. He did work pretty hard to make sure his squad survived, after all.
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Yeah...the normal line of 'marine boyfriend' may not work this time around.

She won't, just threaten him with it and possibly sic Gibbs on him...

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Between these three, the Moogles are going to run out of popcorn.
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Welcome! I'm Kei and I play Namine and Xion from Kingdom Hearts. Looking forward to seeing what kind of CR these two develop.
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Well, hi there. :) I'm Empyreal Dragon, and I'm the player of one soon to be very confused asshole AI from a different point on the timeline.
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Don't apologize. Epsilon is used to dealing with angry. Wash has attacked him more than once here. ;P