Jan. 14th, 2014

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As you may have noticed, the first Element of Harmony has been found! Of course, there are still several open ones that need to be claimed. That's where this post comes in - if you think your character is eligible for an Element of Harmony, this is the place to chime in!

There are four Elements available: Magic, Honesty, Loyalty, and Kindness.

If you think your character should be able to earn one, leave a comment telling us which character, what Element you think they'd be able to earn, a few sentences why you think that's what their Element should be, and a description of their cutie mark. All comments will be screened.

If your character is chosen for an Element, they will need to participate in one or two upcoming events, likely in February or March. These will go at usual event pace (one tag per day). If you don't think you can tag at that pace for the duration of an event (usually a week long, give or take), then this may not be the best thing to volunteer for.

Sign-ups will be open until January 22nd, at which point the mods will pick the new Elements of Harmony.


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