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Hello all you lovely people!

I have two big events happening back to back and I'd always rather play it safe than sorry since I'm not sure how active I can be in the next few weeks. For starters, I will be in California from July 18 - July 29 to visit friends and also go to SDCC! If anyone else is going to be there ping me and we can try to hook up or something.

And then as soon as I get back I have to turn around and start preparing for school (bleh). Now usually I end up poking around RP despite school, but I can never tell how busy I will be the first few weeks as I set up my classroom, prepare lessons, and get back in the school time swing.

Which is why this hiatus will potentially be lasting until August 9 ^^;

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. I will do any backtagging if people are interested. I will try to tag while I'm gone, but I can't make promises since the next few weeks promise to be VERY busy.

Hope you understand!

-Erica (Setsuna & Clint mun)
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Or, Kia swans off for a long weekend.

I'll be in Vegas starting this afternoon and will return Monday night (though really, given that Monday is March 17th, I probably won't be back in the swing of things until Tuesday). Sceadu is taking over boss battle tags, and Lu has godmod rights to Rarity for the boss thread.

(In the meantime, Wash is probably trying to keep Carmen from stealing people's clothes. As you do.)

I'll still be on plurk at Kiaxet if anyone wants to discuss anything - I just probably won't be tagging.
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Hey, everyone! Unexpected computer trouble on this end -> taking a hiatus of unknown duration. Maybe I'll be back this afternoon. Maybe I won't. Who knows?

This affects Even.
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So. There's a couple of things going on in RL for me right now, so I need to take a hiatus for a bit. Not that I was actually tagging to begin with. but, yeah.

Hopefully I'll be back in a couple of weeks. If not, I'll figure something out with the mods.

Ziva's probably exploring places and generally using her ninja skills to stay out of sight. Donna...well, Spish, Puppy, I leave her in your capable hands. (Just fill me in later.)


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So... as I just posted over in the hiatus thread, dad's going in to have skin cancer removed from his left arm this week. It's pretty bad, but localized - he had a nodule the size of a golf ball until it ruptured a few days ago. We're sincerely hoping it'll be an outpatient thing, but we're not taking chances we don't have to - housecleaning, laundry, we're trying to get it all done up before he goes in. I'll try to keep you guys posted on how things go; those who have me friended on Plurk will probably see updates sooner than others.

Now, for RP related news. After I come off hiatus and finish the thread with Jeeves and Emizel, I'll probably be canon updating Soma to near the end of Dawn of Sorrow, partly to make him more stable and partly because I've been playing Dawn more than Aria lately. Most of his abilities will remain the same, though some may acquire different names (and some may change entirely; that's the problem with different move sets between two games like this), and he'll be more stable overall without chaos actively trying to nom his soul. And after that, I may be apping a second character; it depends on whether I can remember all the storyline cutscenes I watched day before yesterday.

We got the results of the biopsy yesterday afternoon. It's a fast-growing but thankfully shallow type of skin cancer (not Melanoma, thank God), and he's to go in on the 17th to have it fully removed. In the meantime, he's been allowed to return to work and we've all had a huge load lifted off our minds.

RPwise, I still need a day or two to collect my thoughts, but I should be rocking this joint by this weekend, I hope. Thanks for the well-wishes and prayers, guys.

UPDATE (Final)
They've removed the cancer completely, according to the doctor. Stitches to be removed in a couple weeks. He has a big dip in his arm about two inches long and an inch and change wide, and probably will have it for some time to come, but the danger is past for now, barring infection. I am now officially rescinding my hiatus.
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Hi all! skarme who plays Naoto here. Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my horrendous slowness lately, since RL has been putting me through a bit of a wringer; secondly, I'm leaving a heads-up that there's a chance it might get worse this month, so I'm going on precautionary hiatus. Sorry :(

Happily, Naoto does often go investigating solo even if it's not what she'd prefer these days, so for simplicity's sake she'll just be poking around all the wrong places on her own. Godmode rights go to Kanji, if it ever comes up.

I might be back earlier than next month, I might manage sporadic tags here and there, and I fully intend to pick up everything still waiting when I get back, but if there's anything you'd prefer to handwave or just drop (which would be totally understandable!) then at any time don't be shy about telling me! Here or anywhere - in particular, I'll still be around on Plurk ([plurk.com profile] blitzente).
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Hey, folks! For a variety of reasons, both medical and otherwise (relatives whyyyy), I'm gonna need to take a hiatus here for a bit. You're all awesome, but I don't have enough brain units to give you the attention you deserve right now. I'll still be working on current threads, but I won't be starting any new ones until things are less crazy, which...I estimate to be at the end of the month. SORRY!

Or, you know, enjoy your brief freedom from the unbearable Evenness of being. Whichever.
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So, one or two of you who was in chat may or may not have noticed this, but I am having computer troubles. Those troubles have escalated. So... slowatus, since I can borrow my sister's computer to tag, but probably not for more than one round of tags a day or something. As it is, I'm using my sister's computer to post this...

Anyways, I won't be in chat for a while, but I'll be able to tag a little bit at least.

Edit: So either opening it up to blow stuff out or flipping around to open it up blow stuff out did something because it's working. For all I know, it could also be that it had been overheated and the time it took me to open it and blow it out allowed it to cool down enough. I really don't know. Slowatus stands at least until I know what all is going on with this computer.
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Hey guys

After giving it a bit of thought, I'm going to be on hiatus for this week, probably until November 5. To make a long story short, I have some assignments bearing down on me that are going to take a bit more time than I thought, to the point where I'll need even the small amount of time I set aside for tagging to get them down. I should be back by November 5 and will have a better idea of what my time will look like for November. This just took me a bit by surprise.

I'll try and get some tags done on the weekend but no guarantees.

This affects North and Theta, and Roxas, who will be on autopilot.
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Hey guys. Erica, here.

I'm going to be taking a week hiatus starting today and hopefully ending next Monday. This week is busy between grading for the first nine weeks, House of Hades being released, and traveling to Nashville this weekend to attempt to meet the author of said House of Hades. So, with all of that being said, you will not see Perry and Bolin much this week as I focus on other things.

If you need me PM me on Plurk or one of my character accounts and I will see you all next week! Try not to break the game while I am gone.

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This is just a PSA that I will actually have an excuse for being slow as [censored].


So. I'll be back next Tuesday, technically, but because I'm pretty sure I will have nothing resembling a brain 'til the weekend, I'm calling hiatus 'til then.

See ya'll on the flip side. ♥
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Feel like I just did one of these notices, but here we go again: hiatusing for a long con! I'll be gone Wednesday through Sunday at San Diego Comic Con, wandering around all the nerdery.

This affects Eraqus and Amaterasu. Stay awesome!
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The icon kind of says it all, really.

I'm back off hiatus! And I'm going right back on hiatus Tuesday night on account of SDCC. The days leading up to then are going to be slow tag-wise on my end, given I'm still unpacking from my move and have a good amount of con prep to do. July seems to be my eaten-by-RL month; as always, poke me if you need anything and I shall do my best to get to it. With any luck I'll be back into the swing of things sometime after SDCC.

Also hot damn I have completely missed the new people. Hi! I'm Kia, I'm one of the mods, I play Agent Washington and Rarity, and my life has gone completely insane. :Db
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Hey cool dudes! Just a note that I'm going to be on hiatus for the next few days, pretty much through Sunday. I'll be at Anime Expo, table-ing it up in Artist Alley. While I maaaaaay be able to squeeze in a tag here or there on evenings, considering how much energy AA takes it's very unlikely.

This affects Master Eraqus and Amaterasu. Stay awesome for this holiday weekend!
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So some of you may have seen this on my plurk, but I figured I'd just announce it here as well.

I'll be heading out of town for the next few days starting Thursday. I'll be gone from Thursday July 4th to Monday July 8th and probably won't be tagging all that much as a result.

North and Roxas will be on autopilot till then.

See you all when I get back.
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Starting today, 03/06, I will be taking a hiatus and my characters will be on auto. I will return approximately on 03/20. I need to finish grading for the nine weeks and will be going out of town for a few days as well.

So, see you guys around!

-Erica (Bolin and Jack)
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Several things have hit me at once so I need to call a hiatus to handle them and decide what I do next. I'll still be tagging my existing threads when I can, but not doing anything new until I've got things figured out.
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Hey guys,

Sorry to do this to you, but I'm just going to go ahead and declare a full hiatus. I'm so bogged down with 18-hour work days right now that I just don't have the time to tag regularly, and the little RP time I can squeeze in I first and foremost need to devote to modding my other game. Apologies for leaving some people hanging; I'll come back to those threads when I can.

This will last until the 21st at the latest, and just affects Eraqus.
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Calling a hiatus

I am stressed and behind in all of my grading for classes. I need time to catch up on this so that means no more RPing during the week and possibly not even on the weekends.

Hopefully I will be caught up in a week or so, but if not I'm thinking this might last until Dec., 19 or so.

Sorry guys ;__; my characters are not being put in sleep comas though...they'll just be around.

-Erica (Bolin-mun)
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Hey cool dudes, just letting you know that I've got two back-to-back conventions this weekend and the next...PMX this weekend, and CTN Expo next weekend. Both cons are local enough that I'm not getting a hotel, so I will try to sneak some tags in during the evenings. However, I will be gone all day otherwise, so will be sparse these next two weekends. This will affect just Eraqus.

Stay awesome, everyone!
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