Feb. 1st, 2014

fatemeter: (hope you're prepared)
Hi all! skarme who plays Naoto here. Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my horrendous slowness lately, since RL has been putting me through a bit of a wringer; secondly, I'm leaving a heads-up that there's a chance it might get worse this month, so I'm going on precautionary hiatus. Sorry :(

Happily, Naoto does often go investigating solo even if it's not what she'd prefer these days, so for simplicity's sake she'll just be poking around all the wrong places on her own. Godmode rights go to Kanji, if it ever comes up.

I might be back earlier than next month, I might manage sporadic tags here and there, and I fully intend to pick up everything still waiting when I get back, but if there's anything you'd prefer to handwave or just drop (which would be totally understandable!) then at any time don't be shy about telling me! Here or anywhere - in particular, I'll still be around on Plurk ([plurk.com profile] blitzente).


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