Feb. 11th, 2014

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So most of you might remember me from way back when....although I played a different character then...


I was just about to head to bed but I figured I'd throw out my ooc intro for now. I'm really excited to be back with you guys and I hope this character will work out better than the last time.

So, this is to oocly introduce Setsuna Meioh aka Sailor Pluto of that really obscure anime/manga that isn't totally getting rebooted or inspired 50 billion other magical girl series. I am taking her from the manga series which means there are a few changes to her story if you are not familiar with the manga version.

But in case you don't know, she is a magical girl charged with protecting the gates of time and a certain moon princess's family/line. She has a giant key/orb that is her talisman and she has various magical attacks that are pretty awesome. Setsuna is both old and young at the same time because guarding the gates of time does weird things to your timeline (go figure).

When she isn't fighting evil by moonlight, Setsuna likes to dabble in advanced science courses, act as a school nurse, and pursue a dream of designing various fashions.

This should all lead to some interesting CR based on the characters I've seen around. I'll be ICly introducing her in the near future and I really look forward to playing with everyone again or for the first time o/


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