Mar. 24th, 2014

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Hi all, it's skarme who... hasn't been doing as much Naoto playing lately as I'd like, so I apologise! Long story short, the RL issues I took a hiatus for through the month of February got unexpectedly worse instead of better afterwards, but what can you do? :V

This is just a heads-up to say I'll be dropping old threads - I originally did intend to pick up old tags afterwards, before I left all of them hanging for literally over a month, whoops. But if there is anything you do want to thread out to completion, definitely let me know, and I will do my darnedest to get a move on!

I'd also like to handwave that she at least got around to exchanging names in the threads she did have going (I think that would just concern Carolina, Rarity and Roxas?), but if there's anything else that wants handwaving or continuity that needs puzzling out, please tell me as well. I figure Naoto has mainly been spending her time poking around odd corners of Ponyville and the other worlds by herself, so there would have been room for little inconsequential encounters and things like that. More importantly, now that Nightmare Nightmare Moon is down, hopefully I can get her back into the swing of things where she should be :>

As always, due to awkward timezones, I'm easiest to reach by PM or on Plurk ([ profile] blitzente).
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Hello everybody! I'm QV and I'll be your Bertie Wooster for the duration of the flight. Bertie is better known as Jeeves's hapless employer, if he's known at all, so eclipsed in fame is he by his own valet. To sum up, he's your typical member of the British idle rich, circa 1920(ish), though perhaps a touch less generally competent. His hobbies include poor fashion choices, which given the setting I'm sure everyone will be happy to enable, and not being married.

I'll be introing him sometime today or tomorrow depending on how quick I am about wrapping up my tags in other games. I can be found on plurk at [ profile] questionableveracity so feel free to add me over there!


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