Jun. 12th, 2014

onemoreday: (I see what you did there)
Greetings programs! I'm mii, and I'm new to the game so helloooo. I'm bringing a surprise Kevin Flynn, which... well given the last OOC post, this should be rather interesting :D This is my first time playing him in a game and in public in general so please let me know how it's going at any point!

Flynn is coming from just before TRON: Legacy, so he'll be a bit quiet and contemplative and may need a fire lit under him to get him moving. He misses his son and the real world, but given that it's been a thousand years he has relegated them into hopes that may never see light. He's spent his time teaching his protegee and learning guilt management skills. Some socialization would do the poor guy some good!

You can reach me on AIM @ miishal, or on plurk here. I live in GMT+9 timezone so I may not be around at the "regular" times, but feel free to leave me messages.


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