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Okay, life has been nomming me a lot lately, and tomorrow I'm leaving for two weeks vacation. I'm calling a hiatus for the time I'm away and maybe a little longer to allow for catching up on everything.

I'm sorry for being so slow with tags lately and now this. When I get back, hopefully activity will pick back up again from my end.

This affects Xion and Namine.
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I mentioned this on plurk, but I don't have everyone on plurk. (If you want to add me on plurk, I'm urbaninja, even though it's being dumb right now).

But basically I have a bunch of assignments due this week, so tags from my end will be slow. I will try to respond as much as I can, but I will be slow. Apologies.

This refers to North Dakota, Roxas, Grif, and Sargeant Benton.

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 Greetings, one and all! My name is Melissa, and I'm brand new to your lovely little game!

With me I'm bringing Queen Minnie Mouse, from Kingdom Hearts! I'll be putting her in the 4th wall event as an introduction, but I'll be sure to do a 'formal' introduction in a few days, once that calms down.

She has a Meow Wow (which she can't decide to name after either Figaro or Pluto) and while she's confused to be here, she's always willing to make friends and say hello. Thanks for having me!
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Shannon here!

So, that icon pretty much sums up the last two months of my most people on my plurk can attest to. Anyway, I think I'm mostly back into the swing of things. I'm probably going to be slow for a bit, but I'll be tagging again.

Anyone up for doing anything with Donna or Ziva? Like I said, I may be slow, but I'll be around!
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Hello all! This is Sceadu here, bringing along yet another character. This time, we have the Fourth Doctor, from that one canon about time travelers in blue boxes.

This particular version of the Doctor is one of the more alien ones and somewhat prone to coming off as more than a little strange. But he's harmless enough for the most part, and is actually pretty nice, if you can past the general aura of weirdness. He'll be coming in partway through the quest for the pieces of the Key to Time, for anyone that means something to.

As for me, I can be reached either on AIM (sceadugesceaft) or Plurk ([ profile] draconic), as ever.
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Hello everyone, I’m Rams! I’m bringing in Riku, though from a different time than your previous one. He’s from the end of KH2, and is therefore as new to the sleeping worlds and Dream Eaters as anyone else would be. Exciting!

He’s a bit quieter and a little more prone to moping than his post-3D version, though that shouldn’t stop things from getting incredibly confusing regarding the last Riku who was here and/or that one guy who keeps going by Not Riku.

If you need me for plots or shenanigans, I can be reached at [ profile] reflega on plurk! I’m looking forward to playing with you all.
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Hello everybody! I'm QV and I'll be your Bertie Wooster for the duration of the flight. Bertie is better known as Jeeves's hapless employer, if he's known at all, so eclipsed in fame is he by his own valet. To sum up, he's your typical member of the British idle rich, circa 1920(ish), though perhaps a touch less generally competent. His hobbies include poor fashion choices, which given the setting I'm sure everyone will be happy to enable, and not being married.

I'll be introing him sometime today or tomorrow depending on how quick I am about wrapping up my tags in other games. I can be found on plurk at [ profile] questionableveracity so feel free to add me over there!
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Hi all, it's skarme who... hasn't been doing as much Naoto playing lately as I'd like, so I apologise! Long story short, the RL issues I took a hiatus for through the month of February got unexpectedly worse instead of better afterwards, but what can you do? :V

This is just a heads-up to say I'll be dropping old threads - I originally did intend to pick up old tags afterwards, before I left all of them hanging for literally over a month, whoops. But if there is anything you do want to thread out to completion, definitely let me know, and I will do my darnedest to get a move on!

I'd also like to handwave that she at least got around to exchanging names in the threads she did have going (I think that would just concern Carolina, Rarity and Roxas?), but if there's anything else that wants handwaving or continuity that needs puzzling out, please tell me as well. I figure Naoto has mainly been spending her time poking around odd corners of Ponyville and the other worlds by herself, so there would have been room for little inconsequential encounters and things like that. More importantly, now that Nightmare Nightmare Moon is down, hopefully I can get her back into the swing of things where she should be :>

As always, due to awkward timezones, I'm easiest to reach by PM or on Plurk ([ profile] blitzente).
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Or, Kia swans off for a long weekend.

I'll be in Vegas starting this afternoon and will return Monday night (though really, given that Monday is March 17th, I probably won't be back in the swing of things until Tuesday). Sceadu is taking over boss battle tags, and Lu has godmod rights to Rarity for the boss thread.

(In the meantime, Wash is probably trying to keep Carmen from stealing people's clothes. As you do.)

I'll still be on plurk at Kiaxet if anyone wants to discuss anything - I just probably won't be tagging.
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Hey, team! Terri, Jeeves' mun here. I wanted to let everyone know I've put up a Permissions Post on Jeeves' journal to try to get ahead of any potential infomodding on my part and possibly encourage shenanigans.

On the shenanigans front, one of Jeeves' main roles in his canon is helping people to mend fractured relationships, or start up new relationships with persons they fancy. He's already taken an interest in the potential for Kanji and Naoto, but if there's anyone else who would like to have him play matchmaker for them, I'd be delighted to get something going!

Probably should have gotten something like this up sooner. Our new and brilliant Okita made me think of it, though. Please also feel free to ask me questions here, in the journal post, or on Plurk ([ profile] switalia).
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Hello! I'm Kira, new to the game with Okita Souji here from Peace Maker -- he's based on the historical figure (and if you've got someone who might know a little about the Shinsengumi or Japanese history, feel free to recognize him! Ping me before you spring the "oh, you died of tuberculosis" thing on him, though; he's still in denial at this canon point...)

He's a cheerful, friendly assassin who loves children, animals, bad puns and snack food, and probably shouldn't spar with anybody who isn't very good with a sword, as he tends to have a hard time holding back.

Please feel free to add me at [ profile] tinwateringcan -- it's the best way to find me -- and I look forward to playing with everyone! ♥
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Yep, it's that time again. Here's how it works:

This check covers the past week (2/19-2/26) as well as the Activity Check period itself (2/27-3/6).

Each character needs one log post or comment and one communicator post or comment to be considered active. Please comment below with your characters, the dates of their comments, and the links to their comments using the following format:

Log Post:
Comm Post:

The due date for this Activity Check is Thursday, March 6th. Please comment before then.

Any characters that arrived in the game during the Activity Check period (here, after February 27th) are exempt from the check. Hiatuses are also exempt. If you have any questions, please contact a mod.
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Hey, everyone! Unexpected computer trouble on this end -> taking a hiatus of unknown duration. Maybe I'll be back this afternoon. Maybe I won't. Who knows?

This affects Even.
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Those of you paying attention in Ponyville may have noticed that the sun hasn't risen in 48 hours. It's been a very, very long night.
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So most of you might remember me from way back when....although I played a different character then...


I was just about to head to bed but I figured I'd throw out my ooc intro for now. I'm really excited to be back with you guys and I hope this character will work out better than the last time.

So, this is to oocly introduce Setsuna Meioh aka Sailor Pluto of that really obscure anime/manga that isn't totally getting rebooted or inspired 50 billion other magical girl series. I am taking her from the manga series which means there are a few changes to her story if you are not familiar with the manga version.

But in case you don't know, she is a magical girl charged with protecting the gates of time and a certain moon princess's family/line. She has a giant key/orb that is her talisman and she has various magical attacks that are pretty awesome. Setsuna is both old and young at the same time because guarding the gates of time does weird things to your timeline (go figure).

When she isn't fighting evil by moonlight, Setsuna likes to dabble in advanced science courses, act as a school nurse, and pursue a dream of designing various fashions.

This should all lead to some interesting CR based on the characters I've seen around. I'll be ICly introducing her in the near future and I really look forward to playing with everyone again or for the first time o/
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So. There's a couple of things going on in RL for me right now, so I need to take a hiatus for a bit. Not that I was actually tagging to begin with. but, yeah.

Hopefully I'll be back in a couple of weeks. If not, I'll figure something out with the mods.

Ziva's probably exploring places and generally using her ninja skills to stay out of sight. Donna...well, Spish, Puppy, I leave her in your capable hands. (Just fill me in later.)


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Those of you in Ponyville at dawn are in for a treat: a meteor shower streaks through the skies just before the sun rises. It seems that Luna's not behind this one; it's naturally occurring. A few seconds later, the teal blossoms on those trees in the orchard disappear, replaced by trees full of small, hard, gray apples instead.


It's Zapapple season! Building on that, we will have an event up in just a few days that will involve both action-oriented and noncombatant characters, so keep an eye out for that.
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So... as I just posted over in the hiatus thread, dad's going in to have skin cancer removed from his left arm this week. It's pretty bad, but localized - he had a nodule the size of a golf ball until it ruptured a few days ago. We're sincerely hoping it'll be an outpatient thing, but we're not taking chances we don't have to - housecleaning, laundry, we're trying to get it all done up before he goes in. I'll try to keep you guys posted on how things go; those who have me friended on Plurk will probably see updates sooner than others.

Now, for RP related news. After I come off hiatus and finish the thread with Jeeves and Emizel, I'll probably be canon updating Soma to near the end of Dawn of Sorrow, partly to make him more stable and partly because I've been playing Dawn more than Aria lately. Most of his abilities will remain the same, though some may acquire different names (and some may change entirely; that's the problem with different move sets between two games like this), and he'll be more stable overall without chaos actively trying to nom his soul. And after that, I may be apping a second character; it depends on whether I can remember all the storyline cutscenes I watched day before yesterday.

We got the results of the biopsy yesterday afternoon. It's a fast-growing but thankfully shallow type of skin cancer (not Melanoma, thank God), and he's to go in on the 17th to have it fully removed. In the meantime, he's been allowed to return to work and we've all had a huge load lifted off our minds.

RPwise, I still need a day or two to collect my thoughts, but I should be rocking this joint by this weekend, I hope. Thanks for the well-wishes and prayers, guys.

UPDATE (Final)
They've removed the cancer completely, according to the doctor. Stitches to be removed in a couple weeks. He has a big dip in his arm about two inches long and an inch and change wide, and probably will have it for some time to come, but the danger is past for now, barring infection. I am now officially rescinding my hiatus.
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Hi all! skarme who plays Naoto here. Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my horrendous slowness lately, since RL has been putting me through a bit of a wringer; secondly, I'm leaving a heads-up that there's a chance it might get worse this month, so I'm going on precautionary hiatus. Sorry :(

Happily, Naoto does often go investigating solo even if it's not what she'd prefer these days, so for simplicity's sake she'll just be poking around all the wrong places on her own. Godmode rights go to Kanji, if it ever comes up.

I might be back earlier than next month, I might manage sporadic tags here and there, and I fully intend to pick up everything still waiting when I get back, but if there's anything you'd prefer to handwave or just drop (which would be totally understandable!) then at any time don't be shy about telling me! Here or anywhere - in particular, I'll still be around on Plurk ([ profile] blitzente).
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Those of you in Ponyville may have noticed something odd happen - a flock of crows soars across the sky, their flight pattern in the shape of an apple. At the same time, the brown leaves on the trees in the orchard disappear and star-shaped teal flowers grow on the trees in their place. Blue sparks arc from flower to flower for a minute or two before disappearing, though the flowers remain.
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